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Rejoice!  Rejoice! In a time like this, a beautiful day named Christmas. 
A day to remember a child was God

A day to rejoice in Christ Jesus 

A day to reflect on the bloody cross 

a day of emotions filled with passion 

A day of renewed hope

A day to reminisce on God’s love

A day of guilt and redemption 

A day of realization of his sacrifice 

A day a child was born to die 

A king born in a filthy manger, to give us a renewed tint life,  so as to live eternally Just as promised, so he fulfilled 

Rejoice!  Rejoice! In a time like this, a beautiful day named Christmas. 

Why have More…?



Why have more than can be chewed?

When your arm can’t embrace them through

And your shield has all the loops

That leaves them all been nude


Why more than you should?

When your love won’t be so true

For they leave the radius of your looks

If left alone to see them through


Why not all you can pull?

So when alone to face the bull

You will be fit to see it doomed

And victory will be for you


I actually got inspired when I saw people been pressured to have more children after 3 or more kids, all because they do not have a particular gender/ sex.

Amidst all the pressure it all falls back on the woman, considering the periods of 9 month of pregnancy,  labor pain, nurturing the child morally and financially.

Yes financially, I have seen lots of times a woman has lots of children and ended up caring for them alone.  This is why I said on the last stanzas 2nd line, that ” When alone to face the bull (difficulty/ burden), You will be fit to see it doomed (conquered/triumph).

In a nutshell, don’t have more than you can care for.



Beyond the seen

So cute and crisp,  shine so bright.  With milky skin so smooth and light. Slender, tender, slim and tall.              At a glimpse in love you fall, What a beauty that’s so endowed.

Just like a goddess, loved by all. All nukes and cranes photos on wall, globally known like God of the world, Like being mode by special lords.  Such a perfect being with no flaw.

Articulate in all her speech,  we eagerly tune in when on screen.  Always comport at all places seen, admired and everyone’s dream. Popularly rated as a perfect being   

But in depths it’s all a mirage, Polished deceit and lies.    That built an image in our mind. Inclined with a perception with no deny, deposited in our imaginary life

So why evaluate ability from this top? Or access life progress that erupts through what you see on media pops, forgetting the life might have been chopped.         And all you see is the last bit of the cropped. 

Thanks for going through this piece.   It’s actually a piece that describes the esteem at which we appreciate, judge and evaluate everyone we see on social media, without seeing beyond the chopped and cropped lies.




When the fire goes out… Written on the 30th October and it’s my first activity In JAW.  Sure you will Want to ask what JAW is, never mind for now will give you a clear understanding after this work. 


Don’t get extinguished! for if the fire goes out, You will live life of deceit Just to avoid defeat. Then seek for seat where you don’t fit in, You will see yourself little where No fear to be belittled. The world then relegate you in the midst of multitude

They will look down on you and refuse to be you,  where there are many reasons to look up to you     They will blur you from seeing, you carry so much value and want you to live in their shadows. Depend on them so in misery you could wallow

when the fire goes out you will give the world so much importance yet to them,  your values Is so insignificant. Even knowing in you, lies so much potentials but then, the ash can no longer be ignite. 

Why not find a renewed strength in the flame?  And make the learning phase your fame, for the price of weakness you have paid and this will result back in blaze, if the fire does not go away. 

Do not wait to be extinguished  nor be pushed to the limit. Remember when the fire goes out, only smoke and ash remains, which would  no longer be ignite into blaze. 


Yeah! as I was saying about you wondering what JAW is,  it’s actually an abbreviation of (Jesus Army of Writers) it’s a group that ignite the fire of writing back into me, after I completely lost interest in writing for 14years. If you go down to One of my piece titled “My lost piece” you will understand where am coming from. So, I so love this particular topic as it’s really referring back to me. 

Thank you Jaw for raising this topic.

Extinguished – when the fire goes out… 


Pick yours carefully

Hi guys, I definitely will let you know the story behind this poem but I wouldn’t want to excite 😁 you with it for now, so let’s go straight to the poem below 👇

Choose yours truth carefully! Cause some truth hold more lies within. For no man wants to show the beast in them, they flee from saying how it’s actually is but then, we blame them for words of lies; 

The factual question to the receiver is, How much do u really want to hear the truth and how much can you absorb it?     

In reality, truth is bitter to chew and difficult for the hears to digest;  So Many masticate  it before it’s spat out, to give it a lubricated greasy look. A beauty at sight that appeals the hearing Soul, for fair absorbance and digestion.         

As we all know, Ear👂 detest truth, Yet we forget there is beauty in this ugliness;  And comes sweetness behind bitterness. Despite it makes us drop our ego for meekness,  let’s learn to embrace truthfulness by living our eyes wild open👀   As truth lies within the lies, pick yours carefully and open up to brightness              Continue reading “Pick yours carefully”

Sudden Lost piece

Wow! today 30th October, 2017  I finally took a  bold step to open a blog.

I never dreamed to go back to pick a pen since I lost my poet book Of over 40 piece in 2003, that’s 14 years way back  but today it’s like finding lots more.

And I’m hoping to use this opportunity to Pour out all my experience through these past years, to also learn more from lots of experienced writers on this platform.

Wouldn’t want to bore you with my story, let’s see if my first poem after these years with tell it all.

This Poem is written on the 4th October, 2017 when history repeated itself on the first poem I wrote after 14 years of falling asleep.

Titled – My Sudden Lost Piece

When you loose words to tell how you feel, On a sudden shutdown of the dream, That just awoke after a long lost zeal, Now,  it’s like going back to sleep

When you can’t explain the depth of your will, To gather those piece to being real, And in a wink, it went with the wind,  Now it’s like starting from what the French call fin.

When you can’t just express that pain, at the loss of that dearly thing. That seems little but so big. Yet need to stay like it didn’t exist.

When you can’t help but keep wishing  That this piece finds itself back to you. And letting off this misery dream.  Like it never went with the wind.

Thank you 🙄🙍